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We will be happy to answer personally any questions you have about our recruitment service. But in the links below you might find answers to some of the more common questions we are asked.

Caring People

Caring People have been most professional in helping us source suitable staff to work with people who have learning disabilities. Their staff have been diligent in providing the correct paperwork which is required in our recruitment process. We thank Caring People for helping us staff our homes with the professional, caring people we require.

Michelle Jenkins
HR Manager, Aitch Care Homes (London) Ltd 

FAQs (for employers)

Q: What happens if a member of staff recruited through Caring People leaves after a few weeks?

A: We provide a no-quibble three-month “guarantee” meaning that if an employee placed with you by Caring People leaves within three months, we will provide a replacement at 50% of the usual recruitment fee.

Q: I am concerned about the ability of overseas staff to communicate in English. How can you reassure me?

A: We know how essential it is that nurses and carers from overseas have a good level of spoken and written English. We will ensure that this is the case before we present any candidates to you for interview.

Q: If nurses and carers are recruited from abroad, how does the interview process work?

A: Up to 15 interviews a day can be arranged at our interview centres in Poland or London. Smaller numbers can be interviewed at your own care home if candidates are currently living in the UK. Telephone interviews can also be arranged.

Q: Do I have to provide accommodation for new staff from abroad?

A: Obviously, everyone needs somewhere to live and people arriving from another country will find a job offer much more appealing if accommodation is available, even temporarily. However, we also have many candidates living in the UK – quite possibly very close to your care home.

Q: We need a new manager for our nursing home. How quickly can Caring People find one for me?

A: How long is a piece of string? It might take a day to find the right candidate or it might take a few weeks. What we won’t do is rush the process unnecessarily. We will always make absolutely sure that we pre-screen candidates very carefully to make certain that they have all the qualifications, skills and experience that you require.

Q: OK, so Caring People Recruitment provides a really good service, but how much do you charge?

A: Our fees are very competitive but you will have to contact us to find out the details. We don’t want to give away all our secrets to competitors! We charge a flat fee per head for carers and support workers and we charge a percentage of salary for nurses, clinical leads, deputy managers and home/service managers.

Q: Do I have to pay anything “up front”?

A: Certainly not. Unlike some other recruitment companies, we do not ask for any advance payments. We will search for good candidates completely free of charge. You only pay us on results and we will invoice you a few days after arrival of your new employee(s).

Q: I would like to discuss the possibility of recruiting new staff through Caring People. What should I do next?

A: Contact Ben Livermore, Email: ; Tel: 07852 429294. He will be happy to discuss your needs further with you or to arrange a meeting. Or go to the Looking for Staff page and follow the links.

FAQs (for jobseekers)

Q: How much do I have to pay to register my details with Caring People?

A: Nothing.

Q: How much do I have to pay if Caring People finds me a job?

A: Nothing. There is no charge at all to job seekers for our services. We are paid by employers for finding new recruits.

Q: I work as a qualified nurse in my own country and want to work as a nurse in England. Will Caring People be able to find me a job?

A: You can only work as a nurse if you have a pin number from the UK’s Nursing & Midwifery Council. You can still work as a care assistant in the UK whilst qualifying for your nursing pin number.

Q: I want to work in the UK but don’t feel I have enough experience to work as a carer. Are there any other positions available?

A: Many of our clients are looking for kitchen staff, domestic staff and laundry assistants as well as carers.

Q: If I come to work in the UK where will I live?

A: Many employers provide subsidised living accommodation close to the workplace. If not, they will usually help you find somewhere to live.

Q: I am Polish and can speak and write some English but am not sure whether my level of ability will be good enough.

A: Employers will insist that you communicate in English with their service users and you will also need to write short reports in English. Once working in England, you will probably be able to enrol locally for English classes.

Q: I am 19 years old. Am I too young to be a carer?

A: No, the minimum age is 18.

Q: I am 55 years old. Am I too old?

A: Certainly not. Employers often prefer mature people to work as carers. Provided you are fit, healthy and hardworking, age is no barrier.

Q: If I apply to you for a job and send my CV, does this remain confidential?

A: Yes, we are registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, which strictly controls the use of personal data. Your personal details will only be used for the purposes of finding you a job and will only be shown to potential employers.

Q: If I make an application, what happens next?

A: Caring People will contact you personally by email or by telephone to check your details and to discuss job opportunities with you.

Q: I would like Caring People to find me a job. What do I do next?

A: Go to the Looking for a Job page and follow the instructions. We look forward to hearing from you and will do all we can to help you find you a job!

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